Use of research nuclear reactor TRIGA Mark II enables utilization of neutron activation analyses for determination of content of chemical elements in environmental, biological and industrial samples.
  The radioecology field encompass research related to cycling, transformations and mobility of natural radionuclides in ecosystems and on contaminated areas, plant uptake studies and development of methods for environmental biomonitoring.
  Research related to radon and its short-lived decay products is focused on air from living and occupational environment (households, kindergartens, schools, different working places, spas, karstic caves, mines) and for determination of radon sources with its temporal and spatial distribution in different media (air, surface and groundwater, seawater).

TRIGA Mark II nuclear reactor
Canberra Alpha Analyst spectrometer
PerkinElmer’ QUANTULUS 1220
Canberra LB4100
HPGe Canberra and Ortec
Radon detectors
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