Letnik 2004

Analizna kemija okolja

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Biogeokemijski ciklusi in izotopska geokemija

22. AMYOT, M., OGRINC, Nives. Formation and evasion of dissolved gaseous mercury in large enclosures amended with 200HgCl2. Atmos. environ. (1994). [Print ed.], 2004, vol. 38, str. 4279-4289. [COBISS.SI-ID 18397479]

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Radiokemija in radioekologija

26. VAUPOTIČ, Janja, KOBAL, Ivan. Unattached fraction of radon decay products as a crucial parameter for radon dosimetry in Postojna cave = Delež prostih radonovih razpadnih produktov kot kritičen primer v dozimetriji radona v Postojnski jami. Acta carsol., 2004, letn. 33, št. 1, str. 85-100, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 22337837]

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36. EMBARCH, K., BOUNAKHLA, M., BAJJA, A., IBNMAJAH, M., JAĆIMOVIĆ, Radojko, SMODIŠ, Borut, BYRNE, Anthony Robert, SABIR, A. Instrumental neutron activation analysis of Moroccan geological samples using the k0-standardization method. J. radioanal. nucl. chem., 2004, vol. 261, str. 43-49. [COBISS.SI-ID 18404135]

Modeliranje, ocene tveganja in ocene posegov v okolje

37. KOTNIK, Jože, ŽAGAR, Dušan, RAJAR, Rudolf, HORVAT, Milena. Modeliranje hidrodinamike in transporta živega srebra v Velenjskem jezeru. Del 2, Modeliranje in preverjanje modela = Modelling of hydrodynamics and mercury transport in lake Velenje. Part 2, Modelling and model verification. Acta hydrotech. (Online). [Spletna izd.], 2004, let. 22, št. 37, str. 77-93, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 2883425]

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