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The Physiology and Biochemical Tolerance of Cabbage to Se (VI) Addition to the Soil and by Foliar Spraying

The effects of selenium (Se) (VI) soil fertilization with 2 μg Se L−1 or foliar spraying twice with 20 mg Se L−1 in the form of sodium (Na) selenate on the physiological and biochemical character ...


Polymorphisms in ABC Transporter Genes and Concentrations of Mercury in Newborns – Evidence from Two Mediterranean Birth Cohorts


The genetic background may influence methylmercury (MeHg) metabolism and neurotoxicity. ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporters actively transport various xenobiotics across biological membr ...


International System of Units Traceable Results of Hg Mass Concentration at Saturation in Air from a Newly Developed Measurement Procedure

Data most commonly used at present to calibrate measurements of mercury vapor concentrations in air come from a relationship known as the "Dumarey equation". It uses a fitting relationship to experime ...


Progress on Understanding Atmospheric Mercury Hampered by Uncertain Measurements

Mercury (Hg) is a potent neurotoxin and globally reducing environmental levels is seen as paramount for protecting human and wildlife health. In 2013, many countries finalized the negotiations on, and ...


Global Biogeochemical Implications of Mercury Discharges from Rivers and Sediment Burial

Rivers are an important source of mercury (Hg) to marine ecosystems. Based on an analysis of compiled observations, we estimate global present-day Hg discharges from rivers to ocean margins are 27 ± ...


Monitoring of selenium in macrophytes – The case of Slovenia

This paper examines macrophytes from various locations in Slovenian streams for selenium (Se) content in an attempt to discover if Se contamination is present and if Se uptake varies between sampling ...


Radiological characterization of tap waters in Croatia and the age dependent dose assessment

Activity concentrations of 234U, 238U, 226Ra, 228Ra, 210Po and 210Pb in tap waters, originating from various geological regions of Croatia, were determined.

Activity conce ...



Influence of canopy drip on the indicative N, S and d15N content in moss Hypnum cupressiforme

Samples of Hypnum cupressiforme were collected at two types of site in forest areas: within the forest
stand and within forest openings, and analyzed for N and S concentrations and d15N. Mosses sampled ...


Preparation of thick uranium layers on aluminium and stainless steel backings

The methods of electrodeposition and “molecular plating” were studied for the production of uranium targets with an areal density up to 0.6 mg cm−2 on aluminium and up to 1.5  ...


Analysis of uranium in the insoluble residues after decomposition of soil samples by various techniques

A comparison of different dissolution techniques for determination of uranium in soil samples was made. Conventional wet dissolution with mixtures of HNO3, HClO4 and HF acids, microwave dissolution us ...

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