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Alpha-particle emission probabilitiesof 236U obtained by alpha spectrometry

High-resolution alpha-particle spectrometry was performed with an ion-implanted silicon detector in vacuum on a homogeneously electrodeposited 236U source. The source was measured at different solid a ...


Mercury in the Mediterranean, part I: spatial and temporal trends

The present paper provides an overview of mercury studies performed in the Mediterranean Sea region in the framework of several research projects funded by the European Commission and on-going nationa ...


Isolation, analysis and structures of phototoxic fagopyrins from buckwheat

Buckwheat products are commonly used in health foods and food supplements. However, public awareness regarding the presence of photodynamic naphthodianthrones fagopyrins that can cause photosensitizat ...


Neurodevelopmental Effects of Low-level Prenatal Mercury Exposure From Maternal Fish Consumption in a Mediterranean Cohort: Study Rationale and Design


Mercury is a neurotoxic environmental pollutant. However, the literature on the neurodevelopmental effect of low-level prenatal mercury exposure from maternal fish intake is inconsistent. W ...


Removal of Hg0 in wet FGD by catalytic oxidation with air – A contribution to the development of a process chemical mode

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